20 Things That Go Through Your Mind When Using Tinder

20 Things That Go Through Your Mind When Using Tinder

By now if you’re single you’ve probably headed to Tinder to see if the online dating world had anything to offer you. Here I’ve rounded up at least 20 things that goes through a girl’s mind when using Tinder.

1. Ooowh he’s hot, let me swipe right

2. Why hasn’t he swiped right on me yet

3. Maybe I’m too far away…

4. Before I look at his other photos, let me first check he’s name

5. What kind of a name is Augustinho?! *swipes left*

6. Damn only 23! Far too young for me

7. Why are all the nice ones SO young…

8. Hey, there’s my Facebook friend, didn’t think of him to be the Tinder type

9. It would be pointless to swipe right on my friend

10. But what if I do, would he think I’m into him?

11. Who’s that girl with him in the pictures? Maybe an ex!

12. Who’s that kid? Maybe he’s kid?

13. Why do they all wear sunglasses?

14. Why are all he’s photo’s group photo’s?

15. Which one in the photo is he now?

16. He looked hot on his first photo but the rest looks like a completely different person!

17. It says you’re 24 but you look 30

18. Why is he always drinking in all he’s photo’s?

19. Don’t you know how to take a selfie!

20. We matched but he’s not said a word to me…


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