The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches In Town: Crumbs & Cream

The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches In Town: Crumbs & Cream

12932603_1076083545781819_5581412402913975097_nSo a while ago I was one of the few lucky Capetonians to be invited to the grand opening of the Crumbs & Cream flagship store in Sea Point where we got to indulge in Cape Town’s finest ice cream sandwich!

Crumbs & Cream offers freshly baked cookies daily available in 12-16 different flavors and about 14-18 different gelato flavors to pair your favorite cookie and ice cream together 🙂 The flavors on offer are mind-blowing and caters for every taste and diet.


Their cookies: Choc chip, Oreo, White Choc Chip, Triple Choc, Peanut Bomb, Candy Crush, Red Velvet, Brownie White Choc Chip, Butter Cookie, Health Cookie, Vegan AND BANTING!

Their gelato: Mint Choc Chip, French Vanilla, Caramel Crunch, Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Irish Coffee, Oreo, Ferrero Roche, Nutella, Snickers

An ice cream sandwich will only set you back R35 and you can also choose 2 different cookies. I went with the Candy Crush cookie and the Chocolate Chip cookie. (I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookie for its huge chucks of chocolate pieces that make up 25% of your cookie). I chose the caramel spread with the caramel ice cream and topped it with smarties and oreo.

Untitled-1Now if you’re as indecisive as I am you’ll be happy to know that the friendly staff will not only give you advice on which flavors pair well together but they’ll also let you have tastings to help you make your very difficult decision…

So once you’ve chosen your cookies, your spread, your ice cream and your toppings, sit back, relax and enjoy the guilty pleasure of Crumbs & Cream (they have comfy seats as well as an indoor swing!)

Find them at: 16 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8001

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