Essence Keep It Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray

Essence Keep It Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray

Just when you thought you had enough makeup, the internet told you that you needed one more thing – a setting spray!

Think of setting spray as the topcoat for your makeup. For those of you that don’t know what setting spray is used for – makeup setting spray is used to help minimize your makeup from fading, creasing, rubbing or wearing away. There are different types for different skin types and needs – you get some to moisturize your skin, some to prevent your makeup from moving and some to leave you with a dewy look.

WTBIMG_0791I personally have never bothered too much with a setting spray. I felt that I already put so much effort into my daily routine – toning, primer, foundation, concealer, baking, powder, blush, contour, highlight, eyebrows AND now you still want me to spray a mist on my face as a final step?! Goodness me, if you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em!

The very first setting spray that I ever used was the Essence Keep It Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray. They launched it with their new product release earlier this year and comes with a very generous price tag (R57.95) compared to other leading brands on the market. Just off the bat – I had my doubts about setting spray like “does it really work” and “is it worth the money” and I’d say to an extent yes and no.

I was at a party last weekend and made sure that I applied the setting spray before I left so that I could put it to the test. Well, we pulled an all-nighter and let’s just say that my makeup was still in place at 6am the next morning. (No I didn’t go to sleep with my makeup on. Yes, we stayed up till 6am. Yes I hated myself for it).

WTBIMG_0798I’d really like to test the Essence fixing spray when it’s a bit hotter and my face is more prone to sweating. Currently it’s winter in South Africa so I’ll need to wait a few more months to see whether this product can withstand a melting face. Also this is non-sticky and fragrance free! The only (current) downside to this product is that the bottle is small-ish so I think it might run out quickly as its only available in a 50ml bottle.



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