A Day At The Races! J&B Met 2015

A Day At The Races! J&B Met 2015

IMG_1014The much anticipated Cape Town equestrian/fashion couture event of the year kicked off this past weekend! Many beautiful fashion pieces were worn, many bets were placed, the weather was just right and much fun was had.

Now I must be honest, I was a complete J&B Met newbie. It’s always been one of those events where I say: “This year I have to go!” …and then never end up going but I’m really glad I got to experience this event this year. I think that I’m definitely adding the J&B Met to my annual must-go-to events.

The day was an all-round success. Amazing food stalls were awaiting your hungry tummy’s, more than enough bars across the field so you didn’t need to wait too long to quench your thirst and entertainment brought to you by some of our best local artists.

IMG_1117When we eventually made our way in, we were given 3 armbands of the same color together with a cocktail redemption ticket. So what you had to do here was find other people that had a different color to you, and swap your armband with them (given that they needed your color band) until eventually you had collected all three to which you could then redeem your free cocktail at bar. I found this to be quite a nice gesture as it promotes social behavior with people who you’d generally not go up to and talk to.

Anyway, enough rambling 🙂 Take a look at some of the photo’s from the day:


Well done to J&B Met and all partners on yet another incredible and successful event. See you next year!




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