Review: Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

Review: Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

A night of G.H. Mumm champagne, delicious canapés, signature cocktails and even Priscilla CockTale – the internationally famous drag queen!

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A fun night was had at the new menu launch of the already well known Orphanage Cocktail Emporium which is situated on the corner of Orphan and Bree Street, Cape Town. The night was all about welcoming their new “Orphan” chef, Johann Breedt, trying out some of his modern Southern Mediterranean rustic cooking, having your cocktail look like you just adopted a goldfish from the pet store and being entertained by the Hostess-With-The-Mostess, Priscilla!

Orphanage Cocktail Emporium is a lovely vintage-styled spot where you can go to enjoy some fine dining or perhaps even a couple of cocktails mixed by award winning bartenders. I particularly loved the cozy setting as well as the fact that Orphanage is split up into two different sections: namely The Dining Room where you get to indulge is some of the finest dishes and The Parlor for when you’ve brought your dancing shoes with!

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I think it’s safe to say (being the die-hard foodie that I am) that I was incredibly impressed with their food! Definitely some different flavors to what I’m used to but oh-so yummy! Some of the dishes that were served on the night straight from their new menu was:

  • Bruschetta with goats cheese, broad bean and mint
  • Pizzetta zucchini, avocado, peas & ricotta with basil and grape chutney
  • Panga (fish) fritters with spicy mayonnaise
  • Charcoal grilled spicy chicken skewers
  • Lamb meat balls with Romesco sauce

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Yummy, right?! Orphanage also has a wide variety of cocktails to choose from. My favorite of the evening was the Swim and Tonic (grapefruit & camomile infused Tanqueray Gin, tonic water & a goldfish) YES! A goldfish! Luckily this Nemo was only make-believe 🙂

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Entertainment of the night was brought to you by the internationally renowned drag queen Priscilla CockTale. She boasts a show for diners at 09:30 PM each evening and further shows will take place around 11pm and 1am in The Parlor.


But who’s this “Orphan” chef you speak of, you might ask? Orphanage started an initiative where they give talented young chefs who have not had their own restaurants before, an opportunity to “run the show” in their very own kitchen at The Dining Room. Each Orphan chef will get to headline The Dining Room for a minimum of 12 months, hence the launch for Johann’s Dining Room – is that not cool or what?

Did you know: Orphanage Cocktail Emporium are also proud supporters of The St Francis Children’s Home in Athlone so for every More Tea Vicar? cocktail that you buy, R15 does directly to the St Francis Children’s Home to care for orphan boys. Talk about a cocktail with a cause…

Claimed as the best bar to open in South Africa in 2012, this is certainly a mother city hot spot you want to check out. They have a number of upcoming events such as Priscilla’s Birthday Party (22 Dec), Christmas Cocktail Party (25 Dec) and the New Years Eve Black Tie 1930’s Dinner (31 Dec) to name but a few.

Orphanage Cocktail Emporium is situated at Corner Orphan & Bree Street, Cape Town, 8000
Twitter: @OrphanageClub

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