Review: Is Your Brow Game Strong..?

Review: Is Your Brow Game Strong..?

Firstly I just have to admit how jealous I am of anyone that has those sultry Cara Delevigne eyebrows or anyone that can just put their makeup on without still having to worry about “putting their eyebrows on”. Yes, the struggle is real!

The fuller eyebrow trend has taken the beauty world by storm and nowadays many women are looking for the best way to make their brows wow. When using a foundation and powder I almost want to say that it’s necessary to apply a brow product even if it’s just a little as the combination of foundation and powder tends to make your brows dull.

There’s so many wrong ways to fill your eyebrows but lately a lot of brands have launched various eyebrow products to help you get the look just right. The popular ones being the pencil, mascara and the eyebrow shadow. Each do the same thing but not all of them will work for you – depending on how much shaping and filling your brows require. Below I’ve got some really good products to make your brow game strong 🙂

IMG_3500{NEW} Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara:

You know when you’ve had a really, really good sleep on a cold winter’s morning (like I had this weekend) and you wake up at 10am and it looks like your eyebrows had a party the night before and your brows are all over the place? Well this new product brought to you by Essence is perfect for taming those wild I-Overslept-Eyebrows. It is said that this gel brow mascara improves the color, density and shape of your eyebrows and the tiny fibres help to fill the gaps.

It comes in 2 different shades – Blondy Brows and Browny Brows. Even though I got the one for blondes I tried it anyway even though I knew it wouldn’t do much for my barely-there brows. I wanted to get an idea of how it actually works and found that it does indeed tame unruly brows and puts them in their place. I’m not too convinced about the shaping of your brows though, for me it didn’t offer much definition but I think this product would be perfect for women who want to just neaten up there their brows with a hint of color.

Price: R47.95 at Clicks, Dischem, Takelot and Spree

Untitled-331{NEW} Essence How To Make Brows Wow Eyebrow Palette

The ultimate eyebrow survival kit! This new eyebrow must-have item comes in a pretty little makeup box with 3 different shades of eyebrow shadow (Love Blondes / Love’ em All / Love Brunettes) and a Lift Me Up shadow that is used on the brow bone to accentuate the shape of your brows and for the inner corner of your eye. Included is also a itty-bitty tweezer (never seen one so tiny before 🙂 ) and an eyebrow shadow applicator. There’s also a cute mirror on the inside so you can take your eyebrow survival kit wherever you go.

I tried this palette over the weekend and I’m really impressed! I used the 2nd color (Love ‘em All) as it offered the perfect shade for my brows, I think the Love Brunettes would be a bit too dark for me. It takes a bit of time to apply as you need to apply it with short little strokes. It does a great job at filling your brows and giving it the best natural look. The only problem I had was that it wasn’t able to give me that sharp, defined eyebrow ending the same way a pencil would so I’d probably need to use this together with an eyebrow pencil.

Price: R115.50 at Clicks, Dischem, Takealot and Spree

Untitled-2Essence Eyebrow Designer Pencil:

I’ve been using this eyebrow pencil for quite a while now. It’s probably the quickest way to fill your brows when you’re in a hurry and it also offers superb shaping when you have barely-there brows like myself. It does however take a bit of practice to use this product as you don’t want to be walking around looking like your drew your brows on. Remember – it’s all about blending and looking natural. And you know that brow brush on the cap? It’s there for a reason, please use it! It does wonders for blending the eyebrow pencil into your brows and skin giving a soft natural finish. You’ll also notice the eyebrow pencil fade a bit after using the brush. This eyebrow designer pencil comes in 4 different shades.

Price: R28.95 at Clicks, Dischem, Takealot and Spree

Finally now we can all have those Delevigne/Kardashian brows! Thank you Essence!

Which eyebrow product is your favorite?



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