SAMPAR Glamour Shot & Glamour Shot Eyes

SAMPAR Glamour Shot & Glamour Shot Eyes

A few months ago SAMPAR Paris sent me two of their products to try out: Glamour Shot and Glamour Shot Eyes. You may have seen SAMPAR in the beauty section at Woolworths which is where I first spotted it.

SAMPAR is a French cosmetics brand and also the pioneers of a brand new innovation called “Cosmakeup” which aims to blur the lines between skincare and makeup. The beautiful baby pink and silver packaging is what caught my eye at first but I didn’t investigate at the time too much into the product as I’d assumed it would be pricey (which it is).

WTBIMG_9177Something interesting about the SAMPAR concept: SAMPAR takes skincare to a higher level of performance, enriching its groundbreaking formulas with an exclusive complex: Urban Advance.

This powerful anti-pollution shield protects, revitalizes and soothes to bring skin back to a state of equilibrium, allowing the active ingredients in every product to perform even more effectively.

Glamour Shot R495.00

WTBIMG_9181At first I couldn’t quite pinpoint whether this was a primer or a moisturizer or both? It is said to:

  • Instantly smoothe wrinkles
  • Masks the appearance of large pores, redness and blemishes
  • Mattifies the appearance of the skin

It does ALL of those things except there’s a catch: It isn’t compatible with foundation but being the rebel that I am I decided to put my foundation over it anyway. Bad news! My foundation absolutely refused to blend into my skin and it just looked horrible.

This product would be most suited for women that don’t wear any foundation but would still like an even tone, matte complexion then yes this is the perfect product for you and you’ll see results within seconds! Also I didn’t like the scent of it, it smelt almost like the paint we used to get in art class in school…

Glamour Shot Eyes R355.00

WTBIMG_9179Now here’s a product that can be used in conjunction with your everyday makeup. Their Glamour Shot Eyes which is basically a transparent under eye concealer and is said to:

  • Banishes dark circles,
  • Brightens the eye area
  • Camouflages any fine lines or wrinkles

I already have a generous supply of concealer so for me this was more of the same. It also had that strange paint-like smell which I didn’t like but I’m assuming SAMPAR refrains from adding fragrant to keep their products as natural as possible.

My honest opinion is that SAMPAR would do well amongst all the lucky ladies that can go without foundation and just do the whole natural look. For me unfortunately I need to wear foundation on a daily basis so SAMPAR wouldn’t be my preferred skincare product. It is a good product nonetheless and does exactly what it advertises.

Click here to be directed to all their other products that can be found at Woolies.



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