A Shout Out To Black Coffee

A Shout Out To Black Coffee

Nah fam I’m not talking about the main lifeline of everyone’s morning, I’m talking about world renowned, multi-award winning DJ and record producer Black Coffee. Oh did I mention hes from South Africa?

Lately there’s been so much negativity emerging around South Africa and I think its about time that we start recognizing the good about my home country, more so how the South African music industry is just growing on an international scale. A few years ago it would be something rare to hear of a local DJ being awarded international music awards let alone hear them playing on radio anywhere but South Africa. For those of you that still don’t know I moved to London two and a half months ago and one day I was sitting in a bar watching the sunset (yeah London has sunsets too) and suddenly I hear Black Coffee and Shekhinah’s “Your Eyes” come on! It was then that I realized how established he has become in the music industry!

Okay no I lie, the moment I really realized he had become huge was when I learnt that he would be playing at the world’s biggest music festival, Tomorrowland! TOMORROWLAND! Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I know he would be the very first South African DJ to be playing at a Tomorrowland, do you even know what a huge deal that is?! I remember my friend JP and I still sat around one day after we successfully managed to purchase our Tomorrowland tickets and still joked by saying imagine if Black Coffee were there. Low and behold a month later the DJ announcement was made and who was there… none other than Mr Real Black Coffee.

Apart from that he’s also played at festivals such as Ultra South Africa, FabricLive, BPM Festival, Ballantines’ Boiler Room Stay True, Sonar Barcelona, Mixmag Live, SW4, an 8-date North American tour and also did a world tour in 2015 which spanned 17 countries across 4 continents over 5 months. Now this is someone who’s left arm was left completely paralyzed in 1990 after an unfortunate car accident but in no way did that deter him from going after what he wanted the most and doing what he loves. To be honest he’s that good that I didn’t even know about his accident up until a few months ago. What a freaking legend and inspiration! So the next time you think you can’t do something, just remember that there are people out there that are doing a lot more with a lot less and they’re killing it – let that sink in.

So Nkosinathi, if you’re reading this, please know that JP and I will be flying our South African flags very high at Tomorrowland! We hope you’ll see us and even give us meet and greet while we’re there *hint-hint* 🙂 #ISeeYou




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